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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Book Review - Bluefish


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About the Book
In Bluefish thirteen-year-old Travis has a secret: he can't read. But a shrewd teacher and a sassy girl are about to change everything in this witty and deeply moving novel.

Travis is missing his old home in the country, and he's missing his old hound, Rosco. Now there's just the cramped place he shares with his well-meaning but alcoholic grandpa, a new school, and the dreaded routine of passing when he's called on to read out loud. But that's before Travis meets Mr. McQueen, who doesn't take "pass" for an answer--a rare teacher whose savvy persistence has Travis slowly unlocking a book on the natural world. And it's before Travis is noticed by Velveeta, a girl whose wry banter and colorful scarves belie some hard secrets of her own. With sympathy, humor, and disarming honesty, Pat Schmatz brings to life a cast of utterly believable characters--and captures the moments of trust and connection that make all the difference.

My Take on the Book
This book will tear at your heartstrings! The author has done an amazing job at creating a cast of characters that makes you laugh, cry and feel so many emotions all at once. As someone that has worked in K-12 I have seen children that have struggled not only in school, but you also know about the struggles out of school and Travis is one that has similar issues that he is dealing with. As a book geared toward younger readers, I have to say that this book was a great read. The author speaks to the reader on their level and she captures the emotions and frustrations that you know Travis can only be feeling in the situation that he is in. I loved the bond that develops between Travis and Velveeta, as it is one that truly is great to experience and see, and you can tell that it is helping them both to heal and and grow toward the futures that they have ahead of them. This is a book that will definitely not disappoint!

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