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Monday, December 2, 2013

Blu-ray Review - Desk Set

Desk Set
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About the Movie
(1957) Bunny Watson (Katharine Hepburn) heads up the research department at the Federal Broadcasting Company, a major TV network. And she does her job very well, thank you very much. Assigned by the network president to introduce computers into some of the department’s functions, Richard Sumner (Spencer Tracy) arrives at Bunny’s well-run division to observe daily activities. Unfortunately, however, Sumner is ordered to keep his mission secret. As a result, the whole staff believes they are being replaced. To make matters worse, there appears to be more than a little electricity between Bunny and Sumner, which upsets Bunny’s boyfriend Mike (Gig Young). As the tension mounts in the office, so do the laughs in this classic romantic comedy.

My Take on the Movie
This was a great movie that had both humor and a bit of romance all mixed into one. One of the things that I loved about this movie was how computers were seen back in the day, and with Hepburn's character being the head of the research department, it reminded me a bit of my own wife and what she has to do daily as a librarian. Hepburn and Tracy are an amazing team, and you can easily see why they were considered the top actors of their day. This was a great movie that all should see and experience both for the great acting but also for the great story and chemistry between Hepburn and Tracy.

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