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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Book Review - On Being Human: An Owners Manual

On Being Human: An Owners Manual
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About the Book
Living a fulfilling life is not easy, especially in the modern world.Each of us is faced with countless decisions, yet the guidance we have received for making these decisions is filled with contradictions and inconsistencies.

As the New Year approaches, we tend to think about the future, but how does the past affect the decisions we make today?

How do we know the right decision to make? Am I being reasonable in my decision? How do stories influence our decision making? What about intuition?

Author David White asked himself these questions and after much research and personal experience, he has written an easy to read guide that will take readers through these perplexing and challenging issues.

On Being Human takes a broad, holistic view-exploring how psychology, science, religion, relationships, culture, philosophy and traditions are all involved in coming to terms with the full range of human emotions and their possibilities. White addresses how we make decisions and the forces that guide us such as culture, reason, intuition, and mere whim . At some point in our lives we all try to find a harmonious relationship with all aspects of being human. This is often done unconsciously, but if one can learn to do so consciously the rewards will be great.

This impressively researched book will help readers to understand how to make better choices in order to live a fulfilled human life.

About the Author:

David V. White served as a Member of the Tennessee Board of Regents for 18 years and as Vice-Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the Academic Affairs Committee, Chairman of the Higher Education Committee for the Tennessee Comprehensive Education Study, Chairman of the East Tennessee Foundation Board as well as Chairman of the Wellness Community of Knoxville Board. He also worked at the White House on the National Security Council Staff. Retiring at the age of 35 after successful involvement in business, politics, and education, David began to consider more carefully what was truly important in his life. His understanding developed further through dialogue with hundreds of participants in seminars and workshops that he has presented during the past twenty years. In this book, White shares the insights gained in the process of his personal exploration and exchange with others.

My Take on the Book
This is a book that makes you take pause and think about your own life but also about the world around you too. The book does a great job at bringing in both spirituality as well as practical points that help you make more sense about the world around you. I appreciated the stories that this book shares as they made sense and really helped me to place myself in many of the situations themselves. While the book will not give you all of the answers you may be seeking it does give you steps to follow to aid in your own personal journey. After reading this I find myself referring back and re-reading chapters as they take your thought process to a new place and help you to better discern at the next steps that you should be taking with your own life as well.

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