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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Be Prepared - When I’m Gone – My Info, Wishes, & Thoughts Journal

When I’m Gone – My Info, Wishes, & Thoughts Journal

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About the Journal
People rarely discuss end of life wishes when it is the most important thing you should do – no matter your age. The pages guide you through the process to communicate info, wishes, and thoughts. The best time to do this is before a life-threatening illness occurs or a crisis hits. It will greatly reduce the stress, uncertainty, and anxiety for you and your family.

“This all-inclusive journal goes into great detail and has very thoughtful prompts on each page – things I never even thought of” says customer Cherice Ridley. “I love that it not only covers all of the important facts but allows me to write a little autobiography. The prompts make it so easy.” She vows to leave one for her children to avoid having them making so many hard decisions at such an emotional time.

This journal has plenty of space to write down the locations of your important documents, including Wills, Power of Attorney, financial and insurance info, service providers, credit card info, and usernames & passwords. It features several pages for funeral wishes, a health history, education, and work history along with a family tree. Guided pages help to record special details of your childhood through adult life along with cherished accomplishments and unrealized dreams. You can leave special messages and advice to specific people.

“This journal was designed mainly for baby boomers coming into their golden years although we encourage people of all ages to fill one out” says Barb Morina, President of Journals Unlimited. “I had so many questions for my parents – and could not find anything on the market that allowed them to express all of their wishes, information, and life history in one place. Luckily, owning a company that carries the world’s largest collection of themed and guided journals, allowed me to put something together. It is our most comprehensive journal ever! It is truly the gift of a lifetime.”

My Take on the Book
Journals Unlimited has published a journal called WHEN I'M GONE: MY INFO, WISHES, AND THOUGHTS. It is a sturdy journal with pages for you to communicate your wishes and help you through the process of thinking through the information your friends and family may need to know if you become ill or die.

I found the journal to contain pages for information that I had not thought about, even though many of my wishes and information are written down already. To give you several examples: there are pages on the usual kinds of information about your living will,, last will and testament, trusts, estate planning, organ donation and insurances. In addition to those pages there are also entries your funeral and memorial service, your family and medical history, memories of your life you wish to pass along, and pages to share special messages to individuals.
I would say this is probably the most complete book of your history that you would ever find.

My feeling is we need to make it easier for those we leave behind when we pass from this life. Writing down our thought and wishes is one way we can do this while we are alive. I believe you will find this journal an avenue for that process.

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