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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Game Review - Karma Card Game

Karma Card Game
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About the Book
The inventor of FIVE CROWNS has done it again! Marsha Falco has created another delightful family game that unites generations. Packaged with the same size and look of the original line of games this elimination game has players locked in friendly competition that can turn completely around at the end of the game. Whether the Set line of games has been a best seller in your store for years or is a new addition, KARMA is a must-have for your card game section.
Karma Card Game
How to Play
KARMA is an elimination game where you have multiple winners and only one loser. The goal is to get rid of all of your cards. Play a card of equal or higher value to the previous played card or pick up the entire discard pile. Move through your hand faster by playing doubles or triples. A Karma Card, like a wild card, can be played at any time to get you out of a jam. But, be careful how Karma Cards are played because What Goes Around… Comes Around.

The KARMA card game is full of surprises right up to your last card played. It is a unique game because you are on a team with everyone and yet everyone is on a team against you. Two games can be combined to play with up to 12 players to add to the fun!

My Take on the Game
I am always looking for new games that will engage and delight my family and recently I learned about a new company when playing another of their games Quiddler, while visiting a friends’ child in the hospital. I initially reached out to the company to inquire about reviewing this game, but was encouraged to try Karma, as they stated that it was a family friendly game and they thought that it would be a great fit.

I received the game the other day and have to say that they were right. The card game, was easy to setup and follow and I found that both young and old could comprehend and play the game without problems. Best of all though, the game was interactive and engaging and a ton of fun to play. While the game is not a long game per se, it is something that gets to be a bit addictive and we found ourselves wanting to play over and over again (yes, we are game fanatics).

All of this being said, if you like card games and enjoy games that are interactive and fun for the whole family, I highly recommend Karma to you and your family as I do not believe that you will be disappointed in the least.

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