Dad of Divas' Reviews: WOW - A Smart WIFI Plug by @DLink

Monday, February 9, 2015

WOW - A Smart WIFI Plug by @DLink

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About the Plug

Product Features
  • Turn devices on/off with the mobile app - Instantly turn devices on or off from your smartphone or tablet
  • Create on/off schedules for your devices - Setup devices to work for you whenever you want
  • mydlink - Free remote management cloud service
  • Easy setup - Designed with Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) for push button setup with any router that supports the WPS standard
  • Wi-Fi - Works with your existing Wi-Fi router and mobile internet device. No additional hub or network device required

My Take on the Plug
I have to say that  had no idea that there were plugs like this until I had the chance to try this plug out myself. I liked the idea of being able to have some of my lights on plugs like these because I could see many great uses for this, especially when I was away from the house.

When I received this and took it out of the box, I found it to be lightweight and seemingly simplistic in exterior. When I looked through the instructions it also seemed that it would be simple to setup too. My initial impression was not incorrect. You have to connect to this with an app on your phone. I have an Android phone, and found that the download of the app and its' use was easy to install and use. Once I connected the app, I found that it immediately connected to the lamp that I had it connected with. I did find there was a short delay (only about 20 seconds) from when I connect the app to when it turns the lamp on itself. I found that it worked both at home and away from home. I tried using the application when I was about 20 miles away and even a bit closer and when my family got home they told me that the lamp was on.

So thus far this does a great job and definitely meets a need that we have. Seeing that our whole family is busy, we came to find that there were some nights when it was not until it was dark that we got home. That being said we were able to turn on the light when needed to light up the home at a certain point in time. We also went away on vacation, and this allowed us to turn on and off a light when we wanted making the home look lived in while we were away.

All-in-all, thus far I am enjoying this and am even thinking of moving this to another lamp in another room, but time will tell if that is what we decide or not.

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