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Monday, February 16, 2015

DVD Review - Greatest Heroes of the Bible: Volume Three

Greatest Heroes of the Bible: Volume Three
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About the Book
Experience epic and iconic biblical adventures when the powerful Dove Family-approved television miniseries Greatest Heroes of the Bible arrive on DVD.
On this DVD

  1. The Tower of Babel 
  2. Jacob and the Challenge 
  3. Sodom and Gomorrah 
  4. Joseph in Egypt 

My Take on the Book
I am choosing of the four movies on this DVD, JOSEPH IN EGYPT, which is a favorite story of mine.

Joseph has been given a place of honor by his father and his older brothers are jealous. Joseph is sold as a slave, imprisoned wrongly, and then finally gains favor with the King.

The characters do a very good job showing the jealously, despair, and perseverance in various situations. Joseph illustrates in many challenging circumstances his love for God and his devotion to live a pure life.

Joseph's intelligence saves Egypt from starvation. Through his honesty and integrity he saves many other people who did not heed his advice of the coming starvation.

And of course Joseph shows his forgiveness at the end . His brothers were forgiven.

The movie brings to life the real people in the Bible story. If you enjoy the stories of the Bible , I believe you will find this DVD worth watching.

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