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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Book Review - Race the Wild: Great Reef Games

Race the Wild #2: Great Reef Games
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About the Book
Sage is used to being the fastest runner, the quickest climber, and the strongest swimmer around. And she's also used to taking charge. But when the second race course has the red team diving underwater to explore the Great Barrier Reef, it's trusting her teammates that matters most.

It's sink or swim time....

Each chapter in this action-packed adventure series is bursting with totally true facts about wild and wonderful creatures, dangerous habitats, maps, and more!

My Take on the Book
This is book #2 in the adventure series written by Kristin Earhart. In this story, Russell, Sage, Dev, and Mari must answer questions about the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. They must swim , parasail,kayak, and continue to take photos which prove they answered each new clue.

As the four team members take each challenge, they are also learning nonfiction information about the Great Barrier Reef and how to protect it. They learn about the symbiotic relationships between animals and plants, that there are many poisonous animals that use the reef as their source of food and shelter, and that coming in first is important but having fun is important too.

Sage learns how important it is to try harder to become a team member. Her team learns her reasons for needing the prize money in this story too.She learns to trust her team members, that they can make decisions together, and everyone's input is important.

Once again the reader will enjoy the adventures, the challenges, and the problem solving the team receives in each phase of this latest part of the race. I believe the reader will learn some interesting facts from the story too.

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