Dad of Divas' Reviews: DVD Review - The Easter Promise / Addie And The King Of Hearts

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

DVD Review - The Easter Promise / Addie And The King Of Hearts

The Easter Promise / Addie And The King Of Hearts
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About the Movie
Based on the beloved novels by Gail Rock, the Mills family returns in the heartwarming double feature collection, Family Classics:

The Easter Promise / Addie And The King Of Hearts, making its DVD debut just in time for Easter gift giving. Addie Mills (Lisa Lucas) is a smart and spunky girl living in Nebraska in the 1940s with her sensible but stubborn father, James (Jason Robards), and her loving, quirky grandmother (Mildred Natwick). In The Easter Promise, Addie befriends a famous actress and encourages her to give back by hosting a school fashion show and to have dinner with one of her old classmates – who turns out to be Addie’s father. Love is in the air inAddie And The King Of Hearts as Addie develops a crush during the Valentine’s Day dance.

My Take on the Movie
The DVD contains two movies that are family friendly. The star is a young girl named Addie and she lives with her father and grandmother.

Addie says what is on her mind and she has a strong will. In the movie THE EASTER PROMISE, Addie helps a hometown Broadway star who has lost her job, once again find enjoyment in life and a reason to live.

Easter is the promise of new life. Everyone faces some kind of personal challenges. Being a friend to someone who is facing difficulties is a blessing to that person and the one who is the friend. All of these were themes in this movie.

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