Dad of Divas' Reviews: DVD Review - Ice Cold Gold Season 1

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

DVD Review - Ice Cold Gold Season 1

Ice Cold Gold Season 1

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About the DVD
Every summer, the curtain of ice covering Greenland is pulled back, revealing the potential for untold riches in the rock below. Enter eight ragtag prospectors, pooling their resources to touch the untouched in hopes of uncovering the gold and precious gems that lie beneath the surface. In the beginning spirits are high, but nature is a harsh opponent, throwing rockslides and avalanches into the already risky business. Disappointing hardships and startling discoveries await at every turn, and the distance from home eventually takes its toll. Physically and mentally drained, will these men and the families they leave behind survive the risks and responsibilities required to strike it rich? And in the end, will the men return with the Ice Cold Gold?

My Take on the DVD
I did not know what to expect in this series, but as I started watching this I found myself really drawn into the series. I had never heard about these guys or what they did to find the minerals and deposits that were left behind each spring. What these guys did was dangerous and to be honest, I found that definitely could never see myself doing a job like this at all, even though the potential reward was HUGE.

I thought that I would only watch one episode, but I came to find myself drawn in deeper and deeper as I watched more.

This was an interesting and intriguing series that I look forward to watching more of in the future!

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