Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - Starring Jules (super-secret spy girl)

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Book Review - Starring Jules (super-secret spy girl)

Starring Jules (super-secret spy girl)
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About the Book

My Take on the Book
Here is a chapter book written for girls in second-third grades. It is written on a fourth grade reading level.

Julies is a precocious second grader who is going to be spending part of her summer vacation filming a movie in Canada. Her best friends are going to camp or visiting family in London. 

Julies must work with an actress named Emma Saxony. From the moment Jules arrive on the set, Emma was not very nice to her. The reader will view a change in Emma by the end of the story.
This chapter book takes the reader into the life of a second grader with her family and friends and the experiences while on a "vacation". Jules is interested in becoming a movie star, but after her experience with Emma, she is not convinced she would give up her summer vacation that way again.
Jules learns she can be true to her personality, likes and dislikes. She shows she is a supportive friend and the reader will see examples of this throughout the story. Her family is loving and supportive. Even though she is becoming a star by the end of the book, Jules shows the reader she is a typical second grader enjoying life with her family and friends. 

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