Dad of Divas' Reviews: The BCube Charger Is Small & Gives You Direct Power At Your Fingertips #BCube #DadChat

Friday, February 27, 2015

The BCube Charger Is Small & Gives You Direct Power At Your Fingertips #BCube #DadChat

BCube Charger
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About the BCube Charger
The BCube cell phone portable charger will give you 1 full charge for your Apple iPhone 6 and 1 full charge for your Android Galaxy S4. It charges itself fully in just 3 hours and retains its charge without use!
BCube Charger

The BCube will charge most devices that use USB for power.

BCube Charger

The BCube is small enough to fit perfectly in your pocket or purse to make sure you will always have it when you need it.
BCube Charger

Best sleek and slim design of highest quality material makes it an ideal candidate for a durable partnership.
BCube Charger

The BCube comes in a hard case for greater protection.

Unibody design provides for the best integration of components.
BCube Charger

One of the smallest and lightest portable chargers on Amazon.

My Take on the BCube Charger
I use technology all of the time and because I have to balance both personal and professional accounts, but that takes a lot of power and my cell phone, for one, just will not keep a full charge anymore. With that being said, especially when I am at events that require connectivity, tweets, photos, or other such things, it is SO important that I have a quick way to either power up swiftly and completely, or power up while I work and the BCube Charger does both, and does it well.

I first want to say how much I liked the design of the BCube. It is sleek and stylish and very unassuming. That being said I have to say that it also is very small which makes the charger easy to transport and easy to use. The charger does a complete job at fully charging my devices and I have found that it lasts for quite some time too which is exactly what I need in a pinch. The last time I used this I was close to 0% charge, and I was able to get to almost a full charge in almost 2 hours which was amazingly fast!

All-in-all this is a charger that really works and is something that I definitely will be using for the foreseeable future. If you are looking for a charger that really works, I highly recommend this to all!

BCube Charger

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