Dad of Divas' Reviews: DVD Review - Wolfy: The Incredibe Secret

Friday, February 27, 2015

DVD Review - Wolfy: The Incredibe Secret

Wolfy: The Incredibe Secret

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About the DVD
A wolf and a rabbit set out to find the wolf’s mother, who is surprisingly still alive, but they arrive in her town in the midst of the world’s most renowned carnivore food fest. Who will survive and who will be the main dish du jour? A big secret about the wolf’s birth is revealed.

My Take on the DVD
Cute movie, with a nice message. The movie also had some unique and well made cartoon artistry throughout too. I loved how the writers kept many of the secrets of the movie throughout and kept the viewer guessing. Too often in movies like this you know from the very beginning what the outcome is going to be, but not in this. Instead, the movie is well-paced and well written, and in the end you get a fun, family friendly movie, that even though it was not a huge blockbuster, it still was enjoyable and a good movie to watch together!

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