Dad of Divas' Reviews: Mace Wear Is A Crime Fighting Wearable Device #DadChat

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Mace Wear Is A Crime Fighting Wearable Device #DadChat

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About the Device
First Sign Technologies, in partnership with Mace Wear, announced the launch of the Mace Wear Pod, the first-ever crime fighting wearable device and app. The smart device, which acts as a personal security system against violent crimes, is available for purchase today at

At the “First Sign” of a violent attack, the Assault Alarm is activated and the speaker lets the attacker know that “evidence has been collected and help is on the way.” The phone automatically begins to collect evidence, take photos, and call for help which will help identify, apprehend, prosecute and deter attackers.

The Mace Wear Pod can be worn in five ways as a headband, wristband, key chain, belt clip and pendant. In addition to offering peace of mind, the MaceWear Pod is lifestyle friendly, weighs only .3 ounces and is visibly discreet.

For those not wearing the pod, the mobile app, which can be downloaded on iPhone and Android, can also be activated in four ways, by hitting the alert button, by shaking the phone, by dropping the phone when in a specified mode, and by setting a time to check-in and if not the alarm is activated.

Please view this video demonstrating how it works.

First Sign Technologies was launched in January2014. Following a successful crowd-funding campaign the product has hit the market today and is available with one year of monitoring service for $120.

“There is a demand for personal protection and with the advances in wearable technology, we want to create products that give peace of mind,” said President of First Sign, Rachel Emanuele. “Mace is an ideal partner to help us expand our product line and help promote safety to all who seek it.”

In 2015, the products will be available in more than 1,000 brick and mortar locations such as Dick’s Sporting Goods, Sports Authority and Sears.

My Take on the Device
Safety is important to me as a father of two girls. While I live in a fairly safe area, I cannot say that my girls will never be somewhere where they may not be in a safe area and may need to have some additional eyes or help at their beckon call. This is where the Mace Wear device comes in. What is great about this device is that it is something that can be worn, but is inconspicuous and small. The device is made to act as a deterrent but is not bulky (it actually is about the size of a quarter or so).  I love that it is easy to wear, and starts collecting information, calling for help and announcing all of this at once. The device is easy to use and connect and is definitely something that I would have no problem having my own kids using as they get older too. I highly recommend that you check it out for yourself to see all of the amazing things that it can offer you and your family too!

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