Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - Dylan's Amazing Dinosaur: The Stegosaurus

Monday, February 9, 2015

Book Review - Dylan's Amazing Dinosaur: The Stegosaurus

Dylan's Amazing Dinosaur: The Stegosaurus

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About the Book
Extreme, prehistoric adventures await young readers in this exciting new series. Every kid loves dinosaurs, and Dylan is no exception. But now, thanks to his grandfather's Dinosaur Journal and a magic toy pterodactyl named Wings, Dylan is able to go where no kid has gone before! When Dylan opens the journal, Wings comes to life, and the two fly off to Roar Island--a magical land where dinosaurs still roam. Cool dinosaur facts, a fun storyline, and bold, action-packed illustrations will make each of these books a fast favorite. A pull-out, pop-up dinosaur adds to the excitement! In The Stegosaurus, the stegosaurus is best known for the large plates running down its back. But it also had a secret weapon. Dylan and Wings head to Roar Island to find out what it is. (Ages 4-7)

My Take on the Book
If your child enjoys learning about dinosaurs, here is another story about Dylan and his grandfather's magic dinosaur journal.In this story Dylan must find out the meaning of the term "thagomizer". The term is associated with the stegosaurus dinosaur, so off Dylan flies to dinosaur land.

Dylan has an adventure while learning about the thagomizer. Luckily he returns to his tree house unharmed.

The story is fictional but the authors have included nonfiction information within the text. The pages are colorful and complement the text beautifully. The story will keep your child interested. There is a 3 D stegosaurus for your child to use at the end of the book.

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