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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

DVD Review - Puff the Magic Dragon - Triple Feature

Puff the Magic Dragon - Triple Feature
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About the DVD
It’s Puff to the rescue in a trio of amazing stories! First he helps Jackie find happiness in Puff the Magic Dragon. Next he teaches Sandy why it’s important to tell the truth in Puff the Magic Dragon in the Land of the Living Lies. And finally, he helps Terry find his lost friend in Puff and the Incredible Mr. Nobody. You’ll love spending time with Puff!

My Take on the DVD
This DVD has three movies in one.

PUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON: As the song by Peter ,Paul , and Mary tell, Little Jackie Draper loved Puff and Puff helped him to use his imagination to find fun and regain his happiness. There are lessons about overcoming fears and having confidence in who you are. This is a good movie for a family discussion after viewing it.

PUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON IN THE LAND OF LIVING LIES: Sandy is a little girl who tells lies to everyone. She loses her friends and her family is upset with her due to her lies. Puff takes her on a journey to assist her in learning how lies can be harmful and hurtful. Sandy learns to tell the truth and face her own fears about her family situation. Another good family movie to watch together and discuss.

PUFF AND THE INCREDIBLE MR. NOBODY: Terry had a very vivid imagination. He had few friends so he created an imaginary friend to keep him company. Mr. Nobody became so important to Terry that he did not realize that his "friend" was actually him. Puff assisted Terry in realizing how important it is for Terry to be himself and to know how gifted he was in many ways. With that knowledge Terry was able to give up his imaginary friend and live in the real world.
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