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Monday, November 17, 2014

Help Bring Vanishing Ink : A Novel With Illustrations to Life #dadchat

Vanishing Ink is a hardcover novel about a lazy, washed-up magician who will soon be chosen to save the world from disappearing.

We've all seen a film, read a book, or even heard an oral story that changed our lives. I've studied the structure of many of these classic stories and I've written Vanishing Ink to hopefully stand among them. Several reviewers have had a sneak peak of the entire story and you can read their impressions on the back cover:
What is Vanishing Ink?
It's a 207 page novel about Von Gold, a lazy, washed-up magician. He wishes he could snap his non-magical finger and change the world. But the mistakes of his past haunt him, tainting his hope of ever succeeding again. He’s about to be separated from his cozy bed, the people he loves, and yes, he ends up sleeping in the town dump. As his own life crumbles, so does the world around him. Pieces of the world literally start disappearing. He thinks he’s seeing things, but he’s about to find out that the beings who created this world have chosen him - a lazy illusionist - to save the world. Von Gold’s transformation from lazy and washed-up to what he ultimately becomes will both inspire and delight.

You can preview the book online at, where the author is currently releasing 2 pages every day. If he reaches $100,000, he'll release the whole thing at the end of this campaign and you won't have to wait any longer to read it.

You can support the Kickstarter campaign here:

About The Author
Scott Wiser is a character animator for film, games, and (story-driven) commercials. His ultimate goal is to develop feature films with stories that change lives. Traditionally, he believes books are the perfect place to start to achieve his dream! The first book he self-published received some positive reviews, but he knew he could do much better with Vanishing Ink, so he put in the intense study and years of work to make it happen.

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