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Friday, November 14, 2014

DVD Review - A Royal Christmas

A Royal Christmas

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About the DVD
Leo and Emily have been dating for quite some time when he proposes, and during his proposal, he confesses that he is actually Prince Leopold, Duke of Winterstone, and heir to the throne of a sovereign state bordering Switzerland. Leo’s mother (Isadora, the Queen) finds out that he has proposed to an American commoner (without her blessing) and becomes outraged. In a series of events, she sabotages their courtship and does everything in her power to drive the couple apart. But will she succeed?

My Take on the DVD
Emily is not royalty but she is loved by Leopold who she finds out is a prince. His mother (part played by Jane Seymour) objects to this romance and impending wish to marry and does everything she can to make sure the match does not happen. The challenges are met and of course there is a happy ending.

The actors did a very good job in their roles. You can feel the tension between the queen, her son , and Emily. There is a nice surprise at the end between the queen and her main male servant which explains a lot of the actions of the queen.

In the end , I believe the lesson becomes to love yourself and not feel the need to change for someone else.

I enjoyed the movie. It is for adults. You will be entertained, but it will also make you ponder what is important in your life.

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