Dad of Divas' Reviews: HeroMe ( @HeroMeLab ) Lets You Be In Control Of Your Own SuperHero #dadchat

Thursday, November 20, 2014

HeroMe ( @HeroMeLab ) Lets You Be In Control Of Your Own SuperHero #dadchat

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About HeroMe
HeroMe, a customizable toy company is pleased to announce the launch of the HeroMe Action Figure available for the first time this holiday season. With this new toy, consumers design their own superhero by choosing from ten different superpowers and creating a unique story behind their very own HM Action Figure. For each superhero, the company’s founder has one mission in mind – to inspire creativity and “do good.”

“The idea for HeroMe came from watching a young boy create a superhero to help him conquer multiplication, division and other math problems,” explained Josh Bryan, founder and CEO of HeroMe, LLC. “Watching him tap into his imagination and creativity to overcome challenges, inspired the concept to foster children’s creative development through play and the creation of their own superhero.”

The imaginative experience begins in the HeroMe Lab, an online toy store with an interactive platform where consumers can create their customized superhero. The HM Lab offers a myriad of choices ranging from heads to superpower arms and legs to build your best hero. Arm powers include everything from helicopter, strong, bionic, lava and even lightning; while the leg powers include tank, sledgehammer, cheetah, frog and bionic.

Customized HM Action Figures leave the HM Lab in a re-useable rocket ship box that carries the superhero and a HeroMe Handbook – an action manual to invent the superhero’s story and write about new adventures. Designed as an educational resource, the HM Handbook includes activities to develop a child’s writing, grammar and problem-solving abilities. These exercises reinforce HeroMe’s mission to “do good,” the catch phrase of Dr. Socs, the scientist who runs the HM Lab.

“By fostering a child’s creativity from an early age, HeroMe encourages children to strengthen their critical thinking and analytical skills,” said Annie Bryan, vice president of HeroMe, LLC. “At HeroMe, we see this as an opportunity to simultaneously instill notions of goodwill. Whether introduced to the ‘do-good’ concept online, or when decoding secret messages from Dr. Socs in the HM Handbook, these reminders are powerful messages.”

With each HM Action Figure, orders include a reusable rocket ship box, a customizable ID card and the HM Handbook. Starting at $40, preorders are now available and will ship to consumers this December. Gift packages allow buyers to share the experience of creating a superhero and start at $50 including taxes and shipping. Items sold separately include personalized HM Posters, HM Cape Sets including both child and HM Action Figure capes, and HM t-shirts.

My Take on My Hero Lab

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Simmons said...

What a cool idea! My son will love a toy that he helped to create!