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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Book Review - The Good Little Devil and Other Tales

The Good Little Devil and Other Tales
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About the Book
There once was a good little devil - did you read that right? Yes you did: not a wicked little devil but a good one, and boy, was he in a fix!

Instead of doing bad things like forgetting his homework and playing tricks on his teachers, this little devil kept trying to be good. He did all his homework - and sometimes enjoyed it! He was never rude and he even encouraged sinners to say sorry. His parents were at their wits' end. So the little devil struck out on his own.

On his quest to learn to be good, our little devil meets all kinds of people, from priests to police and from the Pope in Rome to Little Jesus himself. But will the angels let a little red devil with black horns into Heaven?

In these thirteen tales, clever young people find nifty ways to overcome greedy kings, wicked witches, unlucky spells and even silly names. And there's a big dash of magic to help them on the way!

My Take on the Book
This was an interesting book that makes you look at fairy tales in a different way. While these stories have been told to children in Europe for some time, for the most part this was the first time that I had seen or heard of these stories before. The stories were funny and some heart warming. They were easy to read and all had something to say to the kids about life in general. I was happy to have had the opportunity to review this and my kids loved experiencing these new tales too!

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