Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - Sofia the First: A Royal Mouse in the House

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Book Review - Sofia the First: A Royal Mouse in the House

Sofia the First: A Royal Mouse in the House
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About the Book
It's the day of the Enchancia Pet Show, and everyone is excited. The pet-owning students of Royal Prep are all there including Hildegard and her mink, Lulu. Suddenly, Lulu jumps out of Hildegard's arms and runs away. While trying to find her pet, Hildegard is turned into a mouse! Sofia and Clover try to solve the mystery and reverse the spell. But they'll have to hurry-the show is about to begin! This beautiful storybook with full-color illustrations will be a perfect collectible for any Disney Junior fan!

My Take on the Book
Another great, and new, story of Sophia the First. The story was fun and engaging and my daughters and I really enjoyed going on the adventure and seeing what happens in the end to Hildegard. The story has mystery and even suspense as you wait to find out what will happen. The book has both memorable moments and characters that you know and makes you want to get to know them even more that you might in other stories. This was well written with great illustrations.

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