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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Book Review - Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

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About the Book
"This Thanksgiving, set the mood with a story of gratitude." — CHILD

Thank you, Mother Earth.
Thank you, Father Sky.
Thank you for this day.

How can a young boy ever show his gratitude for all the beauty he sees? He will learn from his father, who thanks the earth and the sky, the frogs and the crickets, the hawk and the deer, even the trees that wave their arms in the breeze. Majestic as the most beautiful autumn day and filled with glimpses of favorite woodland animals, GIVING THANKS is truly a gift to readers from nature-lover Jonathan London and master painter Gregory Manchess.

My Take on the Book
What a perfect story for opening up a discussion about what you are grateful for in your world. In this story a father and son walk and as they walk the father mentions all the things in the world they see that he is grateful for like the sun, moon, plants, animals,etc. At first his son does not participate but eventually he does. I feel the story is one that can easily become a way for us to help our children to notice things in our every day life that we take for granted. So read this story and begin your own "thankful" session. Enjoy the beautiful paintings by Gregory Manchess too.

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