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Sunday, November 16, 2014

DVD Review - Breaking Amish: Season 2

Breaking Amish: Season 2
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About the Book
When a young group of Amish and Mennonites risk it all to experience life outside of their simple farm community, they discover a world more shocking and difficult than they had ever expected. Season 2 of Breaking Amish follows the group to Florida as they reunite in hopes of making a fresh start. There, Abe is able to pursue his dream of bull riding, and a Miami modeling gig comes calling for Kate. But wave after wave of culture shock, unforeseen challenges, and unexpected discoveries make their new life anything but easy. And with their old life haunting them wherever they go, they wonder if they ll ever be able to create the lives they ve always dreamed of. This 2-disc, 10-episode set chronicles it all including the explosive, post-season, two-part reunion special.

My Take on the Book
I missed quite a bit of this season so it was great to catch up. It was amazing to see the lives that these people have ad everything that they have to deal with and overcome to be able to break away from their past. This is a DVD that really makes you think about your life, your family, your values and how they effect your own beliefs and your life. This is a powerful show which shows you how ingrained our past can be and what it can do to impact our future.

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