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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Gift Guide - S'getti Scatter Game

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About the Game
Your meatballs are on a roll with S'getti Scatter! 2 Game levels to grow with your child.

Game includes:
  • Wobbling dish & base
  • 16 strands of s'getti
  • 3 meatballs
  • Parent Guide with extended learning and play ideas
  • Ages 3+

My Take on the Game
I had the opportunity to check out above game. As I get ready for Christmas I am already looking for new toys that will allow us to have a blast together as a family as well as provide tons of fun for the people that I will be giving the gifts too. With that in mind my girls and I tried out this game and while they were a bit old for the game, we have a number of family friends with younger kids that will simply love both of these games.

The game was interactive and engaging. I loved that in the games you were able to play over and over again and not feel tired out. Actually, even though my kids were older, they continued to ask me to play the game over and over again, which is exactly what we want as we are looking for new family game night games.

If you have kids and enjoy spending quality game time with them then I highly recommend this game. You will love playing these, having some laughs together as well as some friendly play. The game was so much fun, just wait and see for yourself.

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