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Saturday, November 29, 2014

DVD Review - RWBY: Volume 2

RWBY: Volume 2

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About the DVD
Team RWBY is back and ready for their second semester at Beacon, an academy that trains the world’s strongest fighters. But real life doesn’t stop. Between classes and homework, they still have to find time to save the world. And between the White Fang, Roman Torchwick, and a mysterious new trio, they certainly have their work cut out for them!

RWBY: Volume 2

"World of Remnant" History Videos; Behind-the-scenes Production Diaries; Audio Commentary Tracks with Cast and Crew; English Subtitles

My Take on the DVD
This was a great DVD that I had no pre-conceived notions about as I did not know the series at all. What I liked about the series first were the strong female characters. These characters could do anything and they did not shrink away from anything that stood in their way. The animation was strong and the story was too. Now that I have sen this series, I am more-interested to dig a bit deeper to learn more about the series as a whole. This was a great series that allows girls to see that they too can achieve greatness (and maybe even save the world).

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