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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Book Review - Magic School Bus Presents: The Rainforest

Magic School Bus Presents: The Rainforest
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About the Book
THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS PRESENTS THE RAINFOREST stars Ms. Frizzle and her class and explores the plants and animals of our planet's rainforests.

The bestselling Magic School Bus series has taught thousands of kids about everything from oceans to space to dinosaurs. MAGIC SCHOOL BUS PRESENTS THE RAINFOREST will expand upon the original titles with fresh and updated content about all of the incredible plants and animals that live in the world's rainforests. With vivid full-color photographs on each page as well as illustrations of the beloved Ms. Frizzle and her students, the Magic School Bus Presents series will enthrall a whole new generation of Magic School Bus readers.

My Take on the Book
Scholastic has written an informational beautiful book about the rain forest for children. You will be amazed at the detailed photographs included in the book. The reader will learn so much from the well written text.

In the usual Ms. Fizzle manner, she incorporates so much fun for the students and the reader. A new fact I want to share is that the Goliath Frog , that lives in central Africa, weighs as much as a newborn baby.

Another new fact which affects the entire Earth and its inhabitants is that when the trees in the rain forest are cut down, they will not return in the same way again. The rain forest's trees are ancient and many of the original species that live within the forest will be extinct. 

So much for children and adults to learn and think about as you read this book. This story clearly illustrates the importance of the impact we created each day on our environment.
This is an excellent book to include in your family library.

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