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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Book Review - Henry Hugglemonster Henry Loves Beckett

Henry Hugglemonster Henry Loves Beckett

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About the Book
Henry and his big sister, Summer, team up to throw their monsterdog, Beckett, the most roarsome birthday party ever! But something strange is happening: all of the pets' noisy toys are disappearing. When Henry investigates the mystery, he finds a fuzzlebird who wants peace and quiet for her newborn baby. Luckily, Hugglemonsters always do the right thing, and Henry finds a solution to make his furred, feathered, and monster friends happy, and still have the best pet party ever!

My Take on the Book
Henry has a pet named Beckett. Beckett is celebrating his birthday with a party. Henry and his friends play games, sing songs, and are generally making a lot of noise. Ivor , Henry's little brother hates loud noises and so does baby Fuzzlebird.

You and your child will enjoy watching mother Fuzzlebird as she tries to keep the noise lowered for her baby.

Henry is sensitive to the noise because it hurts the babies and thus he changes the party for them. What a great lesson to teach our children. 

We all need to take into consideration other people's sensitivities and respect their rights too.
The book includes over 60 stickers, beautifully illustrated pages, and sentence structure appropriate for young children. 

This story could certainly open up an avenue for a discussion along the theme.

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