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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Book Review - The ADD Myth: How to Cultivate the Unique Gifts of Intense Personalities

About the Book
More than 5 million children in the United States take stimulant medication to treat ADHD. Yet, there is no objective method of diagnosis for ADHD. And, many of these medications can cause serious side effects including amphetamine psychosis.

In The ADD Myth, ADHD coach Martha Burge proposes that what is commonly understood as ADHD is actually five intense personality traits: sensual, psychomotor, intellectual, creative, and emotional. Once properly understood, People with these intense personality traits can develop them into gifts.

The ADD Myth shows:
  • The five intense personality traits: sensual, psychomotor, intellectual, creative, and emotional Why all personalities exist along a "neurodiversity" spectrum
  • Where intense people fit on the spectrum
  • Why the medical profession should seek alternative explanations for ADHD
  • Stories, practical steps, and daily practices for developing one's intense nature with the least amount of suffering.
Burge includes her own story of having both of her children diagnosed with ADHD, the serious reactions they had to drug treatment, and how she began her search for an alternative approach to help them. The ADD Myth will raise awareness of the underlying condition of intensity, and help people who previously thought of themselves as broken develop more fulfilling lives.

About the Author
Martha Burge is an ADHD coach, mother to two sons diagnosed with ADHD, and a very intense person. She holds a BA in Psychology, an MA in Organizational Development, and coaching adults with ADHD, gifted adults and parents of intense and gifted children. She speaks to groups including the Celebrate Your Life conference in Chicago in June, 2012. She is active in the Mensa community and is a trusted coach to Mensa members. She lives in Orange County, CA.

My Take on the Book
I did not know what I would think of this book as I was recently diagnosed with ADD and my eldest daughter has as well. As I got into this book, I first wondered about how I would feel in regards to her thoughts that medicine is not really the answer as I know of a number of people who have been able to be more productive while on medicine. In getting into this book, there were some very interesting sections. I especially enjoyed the idea of the five personality traits as I had not thought of things in this way in the past. I also liked the way that she brought in real life examples to make the story come alive and become even more real to the reader. I still don't know how I feel overall about the idea that medicine is not needed, but the book does make some very good points that I know that I will be considering for some time in the future!

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