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Friday, April 17, 2015

DVD Review - Mom's Day Away

Mom's Day Away
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About the Movie
Stay-at-home mom Laura Miller (Bonnie Somerville) chose family life over a glamorous career. Her husband Michael (James Tupper), a workaholic realtor, eternally conducts business on his cell phone while her 17-year-old son (Iain Belcher) and 12-year-old daughter (Kaitlyn Bernard) are absorbed in their young life dramas. It's Mother's Day weekend and still nobody is paying attention to Laura's needs. Excitement is injected into Laura's life when her dazzling and affluent BFF Trish (Ona Grauer) shows up and whisks her off on an adventure-filled trip to a lavish resort.

Over this Mother's Day weekend, Laura has an awakening, making up for lost time by overindulging in the resort's luxurious offerings and rekindling her career aspirations. As Trish begins to reassess her own life choices during their time away, Laura considers that living her dreams won't bring true happiness unless her family is along for the adventure.

My Take on the Movie
So what does a mom do? The list might include: laundry, cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, making lunches, gardening, carpooling, budgeting, organizing the vacations or outings, etc.
So what happens when a mom decides that her family does not appreciate her? She may take some time off and spend a weekend with a girlfriend who wants to pamper her. 

Any mom will enjoy this film. So many decisions the family had to make on their own and it was evident that their mom was horrible missed. It was interesting watching the family deal with the mom's absence and then how they pulled together to clean the house , cook, etc. before the mom decided to return home.

This family realized they were in fact taking advantage of their mom and all the responsibilities she has for just about everything. It appears at the end of the movie that there is a family agreement for everyone to do their fair share.

I enjoyed this family movie.

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