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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Book Review - Open The Doors To You

Open The Doors To You
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About the Book
What do you think of when you see a door? Doors can lead to many places. An open door means welcome. An open door can mean an opportunity to learn something new, meet new friends, and try new activities. Each door opens to a part of you. Each door opens to a part of you. Each door opens to all the possibilities of YOU! In this unique and comforting book, young readers will walk through many metaphorical doors and explore all the different aspects that make up each of our lives: family, neighborhood, charity, friendship, education, creativity, sports, and nature. Open the Doors to You offers a gentle and playful way to expand a sense of self-awareness in children, building resilience, empathy, and emotional intelligence. Which door would you like to open first?

My Take on the Book
As I read Casey Rislov's book, it made me reflect about all the "doors" in my life from childhood to adulthood. Casey assists the reader to venture into not only the physical doors one goes through and what is behind each of these doors, but the doors that lead to opportunities. For example: going through the door into your home brings you to your family, security, and love. Your school door brings you to opportunities to learn , react with others, and explore your interests for the future. Now the doors of imagination can take you to your interests , a new invention, a cure for a disease, and the sky is the limit. The door to yourself may help you to understand your wants and needs. 

I felt this is a wonderful book to use with children. Discussing all the doors in their lives and the importance of each one to them . Is the child bold or timid? Does the child like solitude or adventure? How do the doors change as one grows older?

Allie Strom's illustrations fit perfectly with Casey Rislov's text.

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