Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Post - How to Sketch People: Tips and Techniques for Fast, Fun, Freehand Drawing

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Book Post - How to Sketch People: Tips and Techniques for Fast, Fun, Freehand Drawing

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About the Book
Learn to sketch people quickly and precisely with this book and sketch pad set!

How to Sketch People provides everything a complete beginner needs to know in order to produce expressive, stylish sketches quickly and accurately. It's a combination pack of step-by-step instruction in a highly-illustrated book and a sketchpad to help you start each sketch or drawing--and complete it!--following the instructions in the book.

Beautiful art, inspiration and technique will make a dedicated drawing enthusiast out of anyone who picks up this set. Each chapter in the instructional book covers a key area of sketching, such as perspective, tone, and light, with an emphasis on recording subjects with speed and precision. In case you want to branch out into digital drawing, sketching techniques for a digital tablet are covered, too.

My Take on the Book
Matt Pagett has written a very informative and detailed book on sketching people. The introduction and the  pages on whether to use a pencil, pen, charcoal, pastels, or crayon were interesting and very practical for the artist..Right away the reader will understand that the author has not only researched his topics well, but knows how to apply them.

Mark discusses shapes, lines, color , perspective, proportion and much more in each of the book sections. He gives detailed descriptions or drawings that apply to the text.

Mark encourages the reader to practice and reflect and to practice more.  He includes with the book a pad of plain drawing paper, but there is  more. Within the pad are specific pages that have instructions which relate to exercises in the book. So the reader has a chance to actually practice the information Mark is teaching.

This is a very complete book on sketching people. It is user friendly and the reader will acquire so much valuable information.

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