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Friday, April 3, 2015

Book Review - Alien Invasion In My Backyard

Alien Invasion In My Backyard
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About the Book
My name is Stuart Tennemeier, and I’m the President of the EMU Club (short for Exploration-Mystery-Unbelievable Club). This is my report for our first mission.

Did you ever want to start a club with a friend, but you didn’t even know how to find a mystery to solve? Like, how would you even know there was a jewel heist or a haunted shack somewhere in your town? And how could you even begin to investigate it if you did?

What if you started a club to solve other kinds of mysteries. Not huge crimes or weird stuff, but everyday mysteries that happen to everyone, like whatever happened to that game controller we lost?

There are tons of little mysteries all around us. Sometimes if you look really, really closely at them, you find out some amazing, incredible things. And you just might save the world.

My Take on the Book
The reader will be introduced to the Exploration -Mystery-Unbelievable Club members in this book. The EMU Club members are Stuart, Stuart's young sister Violet, Stuart's good friend Brian, and Stuart's dog Ferdinand. There is a mystery of the lost video controller, but the mystery ends up more complicated as Ferdinand is not a dog, but a robot.

There are cat aliens, adventure, humor, tunnels in dog houses, and creative problem solving to eradicate the aliens from Earth.

This is a chapter book that a child will enjoy reading alone or having someone read it aloud.

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