Dad of Divas' Reviews: Use PYUR To Monitor Your Family's Internet Usage!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Use PYUR To Monitor Your Family's Internet Usage!

With so many devices in the home, keeping tabs on internet use has been a tough—if not impossible—task for parents. Many parents have simply given up in the process. PYUR, a new smart filter which began its pre-sales campaign today, aims to be an all-in-one solution that eliminates the need for multiple parental controls. PYUR is the first product of its kind that combines smart filtering, mobile alerts and customized reports. A bonus feature of the product is that it continues to work on smart phones that are disconnected from the network and using 3G.

"Most filters come in the form of software you have to install on each device you want to protect,” said Michael Tingey, founder and CEO of PYUR. “The average U.S. household has over seven internet-connected devices ranging from desktops to laptops to tablets and iPods. If your child is blocked on their laptop, they can just switch over to the iPad and continue viewing the inappropriate content. So I started imagining a modern filter as a single, physical device that could monitor every connection.”

With its sleek and straightforward design, PYUR promises to be as simple to use as it looks. To set up PYUR, users simply plug in the box, sync it to their phone, and begin monitoring internet usage. The PYUR app works in combination with the device so that parents can stay informed when they are on the go. And as a smart, intuitive device, PYUR learns to accurately monitor time and content, saving parents from the hassle caused by inaccurate censorship.

“There are a million other web filters out there, that block anything and everything,” said Tingey. “I wanted something that gave me a smarter, simpler, more customizable experience. I quickly realized that that kind of experience didn’t exist. That’s why we created PYUR.”

  • Smart Filtering: PYUR's smart filter analyzes user behavior in addition to monitoring site content, eliminating the aggravation of traditional page blocking. In the real world, this means that PYUR will learn to differentiate between an online shopping spree for lingerie and online activity that may escalate into viewing pornographic material.
  • Mobile Alerts: PYUR uses real-time alerts to notify a parent or admin of suspicious activity on their network. PYUR can also send a message directly to the user’s device to let them know if a red flag was detected in their browsing activity.
  • Internet Reporting: Detailed charts and reports allow parents to find out in seconds how much time each child is spending on major websites. Each site visited on every device is analyzed, cataloged, and displayed in a simple, image-based feed via the PYUR app.

PYUR is currently being offered at a pre-sales discount rate of $199 for the box and a one-year subscription service (retail value of $420). Customers can sign up at

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