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Friday, April 3, 2015

Book Review - Megan Owlet

Megan Owlet
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About the Book
Megan Owlet doesn’t want to play basketball, learn karate, or practice the violin. Every day she goes and cheers her brothers on as they participate in their own activities, but one morning she wakes up and realizes she’s bored! It’s time for Megan to find something of her own to do. After an unsuccessful brainstorming session with her animal friends, Megan stumbles upon a dance studio, and with an excited screech she begins to dream big dreams of whirls and twirls. Dancing is trickier than Megan expected, but with a little help from her brothers, Megan can do anything!

From debut author and illustrator Beth Anne Maresca, Megan Owlet teaches children to pursue their own dreams and to be brave in making them happen. This is a story about love, support, and family, and parents and children alike will be enchanted by its heartwarming ending and beautiful watercolor illustrations.

My Take on the Book
Megan Owlet is a beautiful story of how the important the support of family members is in one's life. As you read in the story, Megan's family gives her the confidence to dance and enjoy the activity she loves. 

Little Megan Owlet has three brothers who are in sports. She attends their games and encourages them. She does not want to play sports but opts for dance.
Megan is afraid as many children can be as they perform , but her brothers assist her to learn her dance moves and cheer her on at her recital. Even though this story has owls as the main characters, one can see how this kind of interaction and love in families is important. 

I think this story also shows that is does not matter how young you are, you can show your family you support and love them.

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