Dad of Divas' Reviews: Save Time This Summer With Bunch O Balloons

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Save Time This Summer With Bunch O Balloons

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About the Product
New Zealand bred and Hong Kong based toy company ZURU signs a global exclusive deal with Kickstarter sensation, Bunch O Balloons — the fastest and easiest way to make water balloons. By raising close to $1 million dollars through crowd-funding site Kickstarter, it is one of the top funded campaigns of the year. (See Kickstarter video here: )

The innovative design allows people to bring water balloon fights to the next level, and is truly a new take on the old ‘fill one at a time’ method of past generations. Bunch O Balloons allows for 100 balloons to be filled in less than 60 seconds, are self-tying, and eliminate the hassle and aggravation of trying to tie regular balloons.

“This is an incredible product and invention," says ZURU Director Nick Mowbray. "Josh has really come up with something that will transform the water-balloon market globally. Initial reaction from the trade has been incredible with everyone wanting a part of the action. Anticipation has been building since going viral on social media, also thanks to the success of the Kickstarter campaign.”

ZURU is expanding their outdoor toys category after the success of their X Shot blasters line that has received global recognition in the toy industry. In true ZURU form, with no time to waste, Bunch O Balloons were featured at the Fall Toy Preview from October 7-9 in Dallas, TX, and in Hong Kong from Oct 10-25.

"We chose to work with ZURU because of their vast global network, marketing ability and their expertise in automating production," says Josh Malone, Creator, Bunch O Balloons. "They have an ability to work quickly and much like us, are a family run business who are incredible people to work with and we are excited to be moving forward with them."

Bunch O Balloons will be hitting the US market in the Spring of 2015 and is sure to make a splash!

My Take on the Product
As a dad I have spent hours trying to fill up water balloons only to have them break, snap my fingers and leave me utterly frustrated. At times it got so bad that we even forbid them at parties that we had. However, now that I have found Bunch O Balloons I can honestly say that that hesitation is no longer and we will be having water balloons again in the Divadom.

What I love about this product was how simple it was and how quickly you could fill so many balloons in such a quick amount of time. This product easily connects to your hose and once on, you slowly turn on the water and within seconds you have filled balloons - talk about a time saver.

No longer are you spending half your day trying to fill balloons, thus this saves you so much time that frees you to do so many other fun things!

I encourage you to jump in and try Bunch O Balloons too - you will not be disappointed!

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