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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Book Review - Around the World: A Colorful Atlas for Kids

Around the World: A Colorful Atlas for Kids
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About the Book
A lively illustrated introduction to the countries of the world and the seven continents, this bright, playful atlas gives inquisitive readers just enough information to whet the appetite for exploration. Sprinkled with imagery that picks out a country's unique essence --like the giant squid and penguins of Antarctica, and a dragonfly-shaped kite from Vietnam's International Kit Festival--and trivia that informs, this atlas makes a great gift for curious kids.

My Take on the Book
Even though this lovely book is directed for children, an adult will enjoy sharing this book with the child. So much to see and discuss and learn. 

The illustrations were very detailed and child friendly. They were colorful. 

The reader had an opportunity to browse each page illustrating a continent or country or group of countries. The illustrations labeled cities, volcanoes, mountains, and there were people, plants, animals and even more interesting facts on each page. 

The text gave specific information to the reader and it coordinated beautifully with the illustrations. 

There was so much to read and explore. This book is a resource for children. I see it being used over and over again. Have fun exploring our world with your child.

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