Dad of Divas' Reviews: Keeping Your Car Cool During Warm Days! #carsunshadejumbo

Monday, April 27, 2015

Keeping Your Car Cool During Warm Days! #carsunshadejumbo

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About the Shade
  • Polyester (Nylon)
  • BEST PRODUCT - The X-Shade Car Sunshade Jumbo easily pops open to 150x80cm or 59.05x31.49 inches.
  • BENEFITS - Stop burning your hands on a scorching steering wheel. Protect your children & yourself
  • COMPANY - X-Shade's goal is to provide the best car accessories to protect from harmful UV rays
  • STYLE - Silver nylon blocks 99% of the UV rays. Fast and easy to use. Installs & folds in seconds

Ever burn yourself getting into the car when it's hot? Where the heat is so sweltering that you can barely breathe? You are instantly covered in sweat? We have a great solution for you!

The X - Shade Car Sunshade is a solar shield that will keep your car cooler by reflecting the sun with its reflective metallic surfaces. Every X - Shade Car Sunshade comes with TWO panels to cover the worst the sun can do to your car! Place them where the sun is the hottest and come back to a cooler car!

Here are some of the ways that our premium X - Shade Car Sunshade can help YOU:
  • Stop burning your hands on a scorching steering wheel!
  • Protect your children and yourself from a blistering car seat.
  • Keep your car interior cooler, even if it sits in the sun for hours.
  • No more heat blasting you in the face when you open the car door.
  • Keep your car's interior looking good years longer by preventing fading and cracking.

Best of all, the premium X - Shade Car Sunshade:
  • Easily pops open, installs in seconds, safe, and convenient to use!
  • Folds-down to 1/10 of original size for compact storage and comes with a stylish pouch or quick and flat storage!
  • Made of premium metallic reflective polyester (nylon) materials and blocks up to 99% of damaging UV rays!
  • Perfectly fits most car windshields and is available in Jumbo sizes to fit all automotive solutions.
  • Our X - Shade Car Sunshade is so compact it can be taken anywhere. Don't travel without it!
  • This is the only car sunshade backed by a 1 - year money-back guarantee.
  • Minimize the heat and share with your family and friends.

My Take on the Shade
Now that I am getting into the warmer weather months and parking outside for work, I knew that I needed something that would safe-guard my car from the elements. This was especially true because I had a new car and I wanted to make sure that I kept the car nice as well as cool so that the sun did not fade out the dashboard either. In receiving the X-Shade I was very impressed with how well it was constructed. It is a lightweight polyester that is very mold-able. It also is very opaque and really darkens the interior of the car. I have found in using this that even on the hottest days thus far that I after work the car still feels cool and that the leather interior of the car is not as hot either! The X-Shade has done a great job at cooling down my car and it will do the sale for yours too!

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