Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - 101 Things to Do Before You Grow Up

Friday, April 17, 2015

Book Review - 101 Things to Do Before You Grow Up

 101 Things to Do Before You Grow Up

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About the Book
There's a lot to do before you get old and boring! Live it up with 101 activities that celebrate childhood, discovery, and just plain having fun. Have you ever made a time capsule? Do you have a signature dance move? And do you know the secret for folding the perfect paper airplane? This ready-made bucket list for kids is a journey through art, science, writing, and all the memory making and exploring that is the best part of childhood. Take this travel-friendly guidebook with you, and check off each adventure along the way.

My Take on the Book
Laura Dower's book includes pages and pages of activities and projects that will bring hours of enjoyment to your child and even you. So many of the entries can be done with items you probably have in your house now or they can be easily located at a store near you.Here are a few of the entries: create a plastic bag parachute, make a kit for a natural disaster for your family, learn some new dance moves, make a pizza, learn to say "thank you" in other languages, and even invent a board game.

Older children could easily complete the activities independently. Younger children should have adult supervision. Laura's book contains months of pure fun!

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