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Friday, May 9, 2014

Blu-ray Review - Weekend at Bernie's

Weekend at Bernie's

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About the Movie
Hilarious performances by Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman make this comedy a “good old, knockdown slapstick” (The Hollywood Reporter)! It sounded like a great weekend away at their boss Bernie’s beachside pleasure palace. But when working stiffs Richard and Larry (McCarthy and Silverman) arrive to find a real stiff — their murdered boss — they’re forced to concoct a crazy scheme to avoid being implicated and/or dead themselves! With Bernie propped up and his death effectively covered up, Richard and Larry’s weekend escape becomes exactly that, as they dodge curious babes, a curtain of bullets and one confused hit man!

My Take on the Movie
I remember seeing this movie for the first time back when it came out and I loved it. While it is a bit dark, there is so much humor in the writing of this as well as in the overall situations that are brought up that for me it was and is thoroughly enjoyable. I completely enjoyed getting to see this now on Blu-ray as it was well put together and brings out an amazing movie for all to see and experience. While my kids are still a little too young for this movie, I am looking forward to the day when I can introduce them to it, as I think they will find it as funny as I do!

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