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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Book Review - Scholastic Discover More: Birds

Scholastic Discover More: Birds

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About the Book
A visual guide for the very youngest birders.

Discover all about birds! The first pages describe birds' amazing variety and adaptations, with sequences that show exactly how they fly. Life cycle spreads include a fantastic display of bird eggs. Find out about backyard birds and their dramatic lives, and also about birds in the most extreme habitats on Earth. And learn how to do simple, fun projects, like creating a bird-watching journal or a bird feeder. The digital companion book, BE A BIRDER, features audio calls from both backyard birds and more exotic species.

My Take on the Book
Our family loves birds and we do whatever we can to entice birds to frequent our home. While we do not have a HUGE variety of species of birds around us, the ones that we do have bring wonderful music in their voices to our neighborhood and smiles on our faces every Spring as all of them return (though some are with us year round). This being said, we also enjoy learning about birds and this book really informs the reader about so much. If you have any interest in bird whatsoever, this book will open your eyes to many new things that you may not have known or considered in the past. It also shares some great projects that my family has already started trying for ourselves. One of the other great things is that this book really provides you with a 2 for 1 deal as you get the free digital book which also was very interesting and one that any bird lover will love!

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