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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Book Review - The Very Cranky Bear

The Very Cranky Bear
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About the Book
Four animal friends cheer up a very cranky bear.

Nick Bland's expressive, adorable illustrations complement delightful, rhyming, read-aloud text in this lesson about the importance of sharing with others.

Moose, Lion, Zebra, and Sheep take shelter in a cave on a cold and rainy day, only to realize that a bear is there. The bear roars loudly and says that he is trying to sleep. Not understanding why the bear is so cranky, the other animals come up with ways to cheer up the bear. Moose finds antlers for him, Lion gives him a mane, and Zebra paints on stripes. Is there anything the four well-meaning friends can do to help the bear sleep?

My Take on the Book
This was such a cute book and the illustrations were priceless. My youngest daughter loved all of the animal friends in the book and for me  one of the best parts in the book is the fact that the sheep, the friend that is the quietest and shyest, has the most to offer in the end. This is a great bedtime book, but really can be read at any time. The rhyming nature of the book was engaging and worked well. Kudos to the author as he has hit a home run with this book and I look forward to other books from him in the future!

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