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Friday, May 30, 2014

Book Review - TIME For Kids Book of Why - Stellar Space

TIME For Kids Book of Why - Stellar Space
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About the Book
TIME for Kids The BIG Book of Why: Space answers the why, what, when, where, who and how questions about earth and space that kids commonly ask, but adults can rarely answer. Why don't we fall off the planet? Why is the sky blue? Why are diamonds so rare? Why is the sun so bright? Where does our solar system end?

Written in an upbeat manner, each answer is accompanied by either a photo or an illustration to show the reasons why. Of course, TIME For Kids goes beyond answering the question, and dips into the science or history to further explain the answer in an easy-to-follow, straightforward manner.

TIME For Kids The BIG Book of Why: Space is a must-have book to satisfy the most curious of kids.

My Take on the Book
If you want to know about tornadoes , the Grand Canyon's beautiful rock colors, how a volcano erupts, or why the ocean is salty, you will find the answers to those questions in this book.

I read the section on "why people sink in quicksand:. The short article explained what quicksand is, why you sink, and how to get yourself out of it. I learned a lot!

There was a large section about the sun and planets for your young astronomers.

I really enjoyed the last section about microwave ovens, how airplanes fly, and what crayons are made of. I did not know the first pencils were created in 1565. Did you know that?

This is a book which will encourage discussion and learning between you and your child.

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