Dad of Divas' Reviews: Get Fit This Fathers Day With Nutrilux Drive

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Get Fit This Fathers Day With Nutrilux Drive

Nutrilux Drive
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Dads like me are notoriously hard to buy presents for, and with Father's Day coming up the pressure is on to find the right thing! You can't always buy them jewelry or flowers (though some guys will appreciate them), and guys always seem to want something practical; something that they can use. A new innovative men's vitamins from nutrilux may be the perfect thing to hit the nail on the head. DRIVE is a men's supplement designed to fuel workouts and replenish energy.

Here's why DRIVE surpasses any other gift or men's supplement out there:

  • Easily absorbed by the body at 80-90% compared to solid vitamins' 10-20% absorption rate.
  • The nutrients in these bubbles are absorbed immediately upon bursting, versus traditional pills that take hours.
  • Other forms of delivery can contain binders and filler that cause stomach upset and reduce absorption rate.
  • No chemical binders or unnatural ingredients.
  • Each batch goes through rigorous testing by the Luxiem Research Team in California in an NSF cGMP-certified environment for consistent quality and maximum effectiveness.

Nutrilux Drive
Men will love the new biotechnology behind nutrilux's vitamins, and will be thrilled with the energy boost they see as well. Whether the man in your life is a fitness junkie or just wanting to take care of his health, DRIVE vitamins from nutrilux make the perfect gift for this Father's Day.

Single tube $4.99, 10-pack tube $44.99, available at

My Take on the Product
I tried out the men's version of this product and came to find that it was an easy way to get an energy boost. It is a bit strange chewing on the chewy ball that carries the supplement, but the flavor is not bad and the product does tend to provide a bit of a natural boost. In researching this I was impressed to find that this company has done a tremendous amount of research into this design prior to bringing this out to the masses and I think they have his on something big in that regard. The product is easy to transport which is great and overall I loved the added boost I could get in the later afternoon, when I most needed it. This is a product that delivers on what it says!

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