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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

DVD Review - Moon Man

Moon Man
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About the DVD
The man on the moon is bored. One day, he hitches a ride to Earth on the tails of a passing comet — an “attack from outer space” that sets the alarm bells ringing in the President's headquarters — and starts to explore the fantastical creatures and sights of a new planet. But all is not well — the Moon Man's absence from his post means that all the world's children are unable to sleep. Before the President can capture him, they must join forces to return him to his rightful place in the sky.

My Take on the DVD
This was a very subtle artistic cartoon that had a nice message that the whole family can enjoy. With so many cartoons coming out now in such a grandiose fashion, this was a nice change of pace and shared a fun story with beautifully done artwork. The movie has heart and is very imaginative. I had never read the book, but truly enjoyed the movie with my family and believe that you will too! This is a great alternative to the big box cartoons of late and will leave you with a full heart and a smile on your face!

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