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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Book Review - Lydia's Party

Lydia's Party
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About the Book
Lydia is having a party—it’s a party she hosts every year for six women friends who treasure the midwinter bash. Over a table laden with a feast of food and wine, the women revel in sharing newsy updates, simmering secrets, and laughter. As this particular evening unfolds, Lydia prepares to make a shattering announcement.

As we follow these friends through their party preparations, we meet flawed but lovable characters who are navigating the hassles of daily chores while also meditating in stolen moments on their lives, their regrets, their complicated relationships, and their deepest desires. When Lydia’s announcement shocks them all, they rediscover the enduring bonds of friendship and find their lives changing in unexpected ways.

Tender, wryly funny, and exquisitely written, Lydia’s Party poignantly considers both the challenges of everyday life and of facing our fears while creating characters whose foibles and feistiness will capture readers’ hearts.

My Take on the Book
This was a great book of about friends coming together for their last time (though they did not know this). The author does an amazing job at developing her characters so that as a reader you can relate to them well. The book looks at the bond of friendship and how these relationships change over time and how these character deal with the changes.

You get so engaged in the lives of the characters that you really don't want the book to end, as it truly is well written and the author does an amazing job at allowing you to create an emotional bond with the characters themselves.

While this is not her first book, it is the first that I read, and I did enjoy it. If this is anything like her other books I will definitely be looking for other books from this author in the future!

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