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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Book Review - A Home for Mr. Emerson

A Home for Mr. Emerson
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About the Book
From the award-winning creators of THOSE REBELS, JOHN & TOM, a joyful portrait of an American icon and an inspiring blueprint for how to live your life.

"All life is an experiment.
The more
experiments you make
the better."

Before Ralph Waldo Emerson was a great writer, he was a city boy who longed for the broad, open fields and deep, still woods of the country, and then a young man who treasured books, ideas, and people. When he grew up and set out in the world, he wondered, could he build a life around these things he loved?

This moving biography--presented with Barbara Kerley and Edwin Fotheringham's inimitable grace and style--illustrates the rewards of a life well-lived, one built around personal passions: creativity and community, nature and friendship.

May it inspire you to experiment and build the life you dream of living.

My Take on the Book
Although this is a children's book about Ralph Waldo Emerson, the writer, I found it to be one that I enjoyed and learned new information about this extraordinary man. Barbara Kerley has written a detailed and child appropriate biography about Mr. Emerson. The story included not only his life from boyhood to adulthood, but also it infused his thoughts that he wrote in his journals.

I came away thinking about involvement in my neighbors and community because Mr. Emerson was immersed not only in his writing but both of the former.. When his home burned, it was his neighbors who respected and appreciated him who built his home again.

How well do you know your neighbors and how do you serve your community? These may be areas you can assist your child and the family as Mr. Emerson did in his life.

I recommend this book as one for your family library.

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