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Friday, February 28, 2014

Book Review - Cowy Cow And Crabby Crab

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About the Book
Cowy Cow has so many ideas! In fact, she has one hundred of them: green is the best color ever; chewed grass tastes like a cookie . . . But has Cowy Cow ever tasted a cookie before? Though her research may be flawed, this single cow’s efforts to make silly sense of the world are both tickling and inspiring! Chris Raschka’s award-winning brush strokes add just the right amount of emotion and comedy.

Crabby Crab is not in a good mood. No, Crabby Crab would rather complain than do anything else! Young readers will be drawn in by this humorous look into an all-too-familiar situation, and be comforted in the end. Chris Raschka’s expert balance of visual and textual humor will charm even the grumpiest of readers!

My Take on the Book
The two books listed are written by the same author.

Crabby Crab can assist your child to understand the physical nature of a crab. This is written from the crab's perspective and what a crab wants so it is a fun book to read.

Cowy Cow is similar and looks at the world in a bit silly, but fun way.

Young readers will love these stories and there are SO many to choose from!

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