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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Book Review -Not The Quitting Kind

Not The Quilting Kind
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About the Book
I've been trying out some hobbies
A few things here and there
But how come no one told me
That ''first-timers should beware!''?

An endearing story about a spunky young girl who tries out different endeavors -- from ballet to karate -- and feels like she fails at each one, Not the Quitting Kind will touch the heart of every child who has ever felt like giving up. This inspirational tale, told in Roth's clever verse and Bishop's playful illustrations, is a must-have for anyone who wishes to encourage a sense of perseverance and confidence in young readers.

My Take on the Book
Sarra J. Roth has written a delightful rhyming story about a little girl who explores different hobbies. She is eager to find something she can do well but is not willing to do it more than once if she is unsuccessful the first time. She attempts each hobby only once. When she fails , she quits and finally her mother intervenes.

With confidence , perseverance, and strength our main character finally decides to take her mother's advice and give her art project a second try . She ultimately succeeds to her satisfaction. The story is an inspiration. The illustrations by Tracy Bishop show clearly the frustration, sadness, anger, and the happiness the girl feels throughout her experiences.

I feel reading this story with your favorite child could open up a discussion about hobbies or interests and pursuing them with not only vigor but with perseverance because more often than not, it takes several times to become proficient in a hobby.

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