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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Book Review - The Home Book

The Home Book
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About the Book
Nationwide 1.2 million new homes are constructed annually. When houses are built on a short time schedule, there are likely to be construction defects. While there is a national building code that deals with health and safety issues, there is no reference or authority that deals with residential workmanship until now.

Experts say that 85% of new homes may have serious problems as do a significant number of home remodels. Often, defect disputes between homeowners and homebuilders result in costly court cases. Construction defect litigation negatively impacts the homebuilding industry and homeowners because it pushes insurance premiums higher and ultimately drives up the cost of new homes. Neither homeowners nor builders win when they go to court.

With The Home Book, the principal author, David E. MacLellan and his two associate authors, accomplish what no other authors have previously done by compiling more than 300 residential workmanship guidelines into a single reference. The conditions addressed have historically been issues that result in construction defect litigation. The book is a rule book for both builders and homeowners. Responsibility for each condition is assigned either to the builder for non-performing construction or poor workmanship, or to the homeowner as a maintenance item. In addition, the book assists new homeowners in the preparation of their new home or remodel for landscaping, decking, patios, installation of ceiling fans and numerous other homeowner items. The Home Book is intentionally written for the layperson, and clearly outlines the building guidelines that should be met during the construction or remodel of a home.

About the Authors
The authors have impressive credentials. David MacLellan is a nationally recognized expert in homebuilding related litigation and an author of four books on residential construction quality. He has 25 years of experience as a builder in home construction. In 2011, Mr. MacLellan was inducted into the California Homebuilding Foundation Hall of Fame. George Wolfson, AIA, has been involved in the design and construction of many large projects. Douglas Hansen is the principal author of the Code CheckTM series of books. The Home Book is a culmination of three years extensive research in all 50 states with government building officials, industry experts, trade associations, and law firms specializing in homebuilding litigation.

My Take on the Book
Even though it is the expectation of most men to be handy, I am not the best at this. This book however makes fixing things in your home easy! The books takes you through normal maintenance and helps you to plan for things that you will need to be planning for in the future. The book takes you from regular day-to-day fixes to more intensive changes (that I know I would not have the skill to complete myself). The book was easy to understand (for the most part - as there were some areas that were more technical), and with the full color, you are taken on a journey through your home that you will soon not forget! This is a great book for any home owner.

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