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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Book Review - VeggieTales: Pirates, Mess Detectives, and a Superhero

VeggieTales: Pirates, Mess Detectives, and a Superhero

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About the Book
In this 3 in 1 bind-up of VeggieTales I Can Reads, Junior learns that even pirates have to go to school, the town of Bumblyburg takes an angry mud bath, and Larry forgets to listen ... again! Young readers follow their favorite Veggie friends in easy-to-read stories that help teach early reading skills as well as sound morals and Bible-based life lessons. Books included in this title include: Pirate in Training LarryBoy and the Mudslingers Listen Up, Larry

My Take on the Book
Veggietale books are known for their stories which teach children values and each story has a life lesson to learn. In this book there are three stories with three individual lessons that can be easily understood by young children.

In the first story "Pirates", Jr. Asparagus wants to become a pirate and he believes that not attending school is the best decision for him to make . He learns that skills such as reading and math are necessary for pirates and returns to school.

In the second story "Larry Boy and the Mudslingers", the veggie friends are involved in mud fight which no one knows who started. They become so angry that the mud cannot be removed. Larry Boy convinces them that they need to forgive each other and become friends again. As soon as they do, the mud falls off.

In the last story "Listen Up , Larry", Larry is not a good listener. He doesn't follow directions and due to that he becomes lost and makes mistakes. He learns that careful listening is important.

I have always felt Veggietales were excellent stories to share with children. I feel these three are great additions to the ones I already have in my library.

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